Corte San Leonardo

About us

Barbara Fontanesi


Barbara’s lifelong experience in sport and decades of experience in interior design and food make her a concentrate of method, discipline, creativity and flair. A lifelong volleyball player, creator and president of the Fuori Campo 11 project, after her sporting career ended in 2001 she decided to cultivate a passion for interior design, opening a shop selling objects and furnishing accessories in Matera. In 2009, back in Modena, she began working as a freelance in the world of haute cuisine at BibenduM catering, a food design company where she specialised in the organisation of private and corporate events. Her wandering has never completely distanced her from Matera, so much so that in 2015, she decided to transform her private home in Corte San Leonardo, a “Concept House” where she pours all her experience, passion and vision into the service of guests.


Tina was born in the city of the Sassi, and after working for a few years in the family business, in 2000 she entered a sector that was almost unknown to her but which immediately became familiar: tourism. For many years, together with her husband, she travelled and made hundreds of people travel. At a time when few believed in the development of tourism in Matera she created her first b&b, followed by other structures over the years. And so on to Corte San Leonardo, which today represents the essence of her hospitality: discreet, warm, empathetic, unique, in a word, wonderful. Today Tina can no longer do without the atmosphere of Corte San Leonardo, in the heart of the Rioni Sassi, their light, their colours and shades, their silence and their magic. Corte San Leonardo is imbued with all this, these emotions, every day, every moment she shares them with her guests.

Arte Pura


In 2018 the collaboration with Arte Pura is consolidated, an enchanted world, an expression of Italian art and Daniela Dallavalle’s passion for dressing spaces and atmospheric moments. The love and respect for nature are transfused into unique products: delicate linen smooth to the touch to decorate the table, soft sponge to wrap you in the light of a romantic candle, candid sheets to accompany your dreams and warm the hearts. The unforgettable experience of living in a harmonious environment where beauty, wellbeing and nature come together in a profound balance is a precious gift that Corte San Leonardo has decided to reserve for its guests.